Thursday, 26 July 2012

For him - Hairstyles

Como cada jueves, post para ellos, y hoy de pelos! Repasamos las tendencias en cortes de pelo para hombre este año.

As every Thursday, post for him, and today about hair! We review the haircut trends for men this year.

1. Corto en los laterales y largo en la parte superior, con varias variantes: rizado, liso y con raya al lado.
1. Short on the sides, longer on the top, there are different variations: curly, straight and with side part.

2. Engominado, con raya al lado o hacia atrás con pelo muy corto en los laterales y parte trasera
2. Slicked down, either with side part or combed back with very short sides and back

3. Media melena
3. Shoulder lenght hair

4. Rapado
4. Close-cropped


5. Flequillo indie
5. Indie fringe

Photos from GQ, Trendencias, The Sartorialist, Fashionising,

La verdad es que hay para todo tipo de pelo: rizado, liso, largo, corto... no tenéis excusa para no llevar un peinado con estilo ;)

Actually there is something for all kind of hair: curly, straight, long, short,... you don't have excuse now to not getting a trendy hair style ;)


  1. My bf started doing his hair kind of like the 3rd picture in the post (his is not as long though) and I love it!

    xo Jennifer

    1. That 1st hairstyle is definitely my favourite one!
      Thanks for visiting!